Leather Cleaner - 32 ounce bottle - Leather Furniture

Leather Cleaner - 32 ounce bottle


Premium Leather Cleaner: 

  • Removes most surface stains.
  • Formulated for ALL types of leather.
  • Specially formulated for use on aniline, and semi-aniline, nubuck, and suede.
  • Sensitive enough even for use on lamb skin.
  • Not sure about your type of leather? It‚Äôs no problem because PURE works on every type of leather available.

Cleans and opens the pores in your leather prepping it for our conditioner to nourish and feed the hide. A 32 oz. bottle cleans a typical couch 4 to 6 times.
Use on furniture, car interiors, leather jackets, purses, saddles, even boots. 

This product works well as a stand-alone cleaner but is meant to be sold as a refill for our two step cleaning/conditioning process. 

If you clean your leather with out applying some sort of conditioner you are making it more susceptible to future damage. 

A quality cleaning needs to be followed by a quality conditioning promptly to provide nourishment and protection to the hide. Any product that says it ‚ÄúCleans and Conditions in one step‚ÄĚ is simply overstating their product performance all the while trapping unwanted materials in your leather reducing its life and wonderful look and feel.