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How to Order


We've simplified our ordering process, allowing you to choose from literally millions of custom option combinations in just seconds....and have fun doing it!


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Once you've chosen your preferred style, the product page will allow you to select your custom options and build your own unique piece(s) of furniture.
Scroll down to just under the product images to begin to customize.


Let's get started! First you'll need to select your leather grade. If you'd like more details on what the differences is between grades, check out our FAQs.
Remember, the higher the leather grade, the more luxurious the leather, and (typically) the higher the cost, due to rarity and additional processing during manufacturing. Click the leather grade tab you'd like to make your selection and see colors available for that grade.


Sweet! Now that you've selected your leather grade, let's pick the perfect color to match your tastes.
Click on the color thumbails on the right to view a larger image for that color. If you don't see a color you're looking for, remember that each leather grade has it's own selection of colors available. You can go back to step 1 at any time and toggle between leather grades to see additional colors!


Great Choice! Now Pick Your Pieces.
Once you've made your leather grade and color selections, you're ready to build your set. Find the perfect arrangement for your home, choose a quantity using the QTY selector, and when you're ready, add it to the product builder on the right side of the page by clicking the blue "+Select" button. Repeat that process for each arrangement you would like to add to your order.


Awesome! You're almost there - Don't Forget to Add your Furniture to your Cart
We've staged your selections to the right side of the page to allow you to review your selections and before adding them to your cart. You can choose just one or multiple arrangements from this product family as you shop. Once you're ready to check out, click the blue "Add to Cart" button to head to checkout!